Questions or requests for an application can be sent to:

The Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services’ rehabilitation technology specialists, a.k.a. Rehabilitation Engineers, are listed below, as well as some other useful contacts.

Bynum Duren – Homewood VR Office, 800-671-6837

Michael Papp – Homewood VR Office, 800-671-6837

Melissa Crain – Dothan VR Office, 334-792-0026 x203

Jeff Mega – Montgomery VR Office, 800-441-7578

Robert Perry, Retired – Mobile, 251-633-6035


Alabama’s RTSs:

Ronnie McCall-supervisor (not pictured)

Allyson, Intern

Jeff Mega

Michael Papp

Bynum Duren

Melissa Crain

Robert Perry, Retired (front)