Helping Mobile Area Severely Disabled Projects

Picture of man using sip and puff phone

Left: High level quadriplegic using a sip and puff switch operated phone, which was purchased with the grant money.

In the year 2004 we have received grants totaling $110,000 from ten Alabama foundations and the Christopher Reeve Foundation to further the project. To learn more about these grants and the project, click here: Helping Mobile Area Severely Disabled Project 2004, Helping Mobile Area Severely Disabled Project 2005, Helping Mobile Area Severely Disabled Project 2006 and our Helping Mobile Area Severely Disabled Project 2007

Mothers and fathers are constantly Animation of mother loading child in van injuring their backs by lifting their child in and out of bed, the car, or the bathtub. The animation on the left shows a mother loading her child and the wheelchair. This is repeated several times a day, especially if the parents transport their child to and from school.Click here to see grandparents loading their granddaughter.

Accessible Playgrounds

Picture of child in playground

We have helped obtain various grants to help fund accessible playgrounds in several Mobile County Elementary Schools. Robert Perry, our engineer, designed these playgrounds. In 2002 we helped request grants totaling over $32,000 towards wheelchair accessible playgrounds.

Maryvale School PlaygroundCover of the 2005 Maryvale School Playground Plans

Maryvale Elementary School is located off of Dauphin Island Parkway. The special education students need a place to play that will be especially equipped for their ages and disabilities. If you would like to help, contact Mrs. K. Ellis at 251-221-1810.

Picture of child on platform swing

Child on platform swing

Picture of child playing in raised sandbox

Children playing in raised sandbox

Picture of child playing

Playground girl

Picture of child on swing

Girl on swing

Technology Grants Picture of a student and teacher using a CCTV

Vision Grant

We have been awarded grants from the Bed sole Foundation to purchase adaptive software, hardware, switches, and communication equipment for three local schools for severely disabled students. In 2002, Katherine Hastings and Robert Perry, with help from Eileen O’Donnell wrote a proposal to the Bedsole Foundation and were awarded $25,400 for the provision of equipment, training, and services to the blind and low vision students in Baldwin County, Alabama.

Picture of a student learning how to use a head switch to operate a computer By using funds from the grant, the students were provided with three CCTVs, two laptops, four large monitors, and numerous specialized input devices. Several software packages, including Jaws, Zoom Text, and Intelli Talk II, were also purchased to be used with the new technology.

Top Left: Student learning how to use one of the new CCTVs.

Right: Student learning to operate a computer using a head switch.

Bottom Left:Student learning how to use Zoom Text using one of the new large monitors.

Design Projects

Katherine Hastings, Robert Perry, and David Cox worked together to design an improved abacus for children and adults with motor impairments. The abacus is designed with several special features in mind. First, it is large, making it easy for people with various disabilities to use, and is easier to use in the classroom. It can be converted from base 5 to base 10 easily, also making it a well suited for teaching students. The sliders are also interchangeable to meet the needs of different users. Finally, its mounting options are adaptable. It features a table stand that will adjust the device from level to nearly perpendicular, and also features “tracks” along all sides to allow accessories or mounting hardware to be attached